Christian Environment

Christian Preschools in Colorado SpringsWe have chosen to describe our program as one that offers a “Christian environment”. What we mean is that this program is not intended to look and feel like a church Sunday School program. We don’t block out a specific amount of time each day for scripture memory or bible stories. We are trusting your church to help you with that. However, you should be aware that we do incorporate a Christian world view into the fabric of our program. Our history time line begins with creation. We actually will memorize some scripture at times. Its just not the focus of our time with the kids. We also seize teachable moments to address concepts like forgiveness and grace from a Christian perspective. Christmas and Easter focus on Christ rather than Santa and the Bunny.

You should also be aware that in our Parent Times, our Christian framework will be much more central. Our personal perspectives on issues like parenting, disciplining a child at home, etc. will definitely be based on a Christian foundation.

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