Exposure to Pre-math, Science and History

Preschools in Colorado SpringsWe use a very hands-on approach to helping children grasp basic math concepts. Math Their Way forms the centerpiece of our curriculum, but many other exercises and activities are used to help them physically experience working with numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, and grouping.

Science is also very hands-on. The main idea here is exposure. We alternate our curriculum so that one year we focus on biology, and the following year we focus on physical science (solar system, magnets, light, etc).

History is often experienced via time-travel. Last year we went to Ancient Egypt to build the pyramids, Ancient Greece to hold Olympic Games, and other ancient cultures. This year’s time-travel will be focused on American history, beginning with Leif Ericson and Christopher Columbus.

Note: all parents are required to sign release forms regarding time travel.  So far, we haven’t left anyone behind, but time travel is still very risky business.

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