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preschool colorado springs coOne of the most distinctive characteristics of our program is the way we view our relationship with the parents. There are many activities that are important during this stage of life — creative free play, strenuous physical activity, listening to quality stories being read aloud, getting plenty of sleep, good nutrition, learning self-control, and developing gross and fine motor skills just to name a few.  Most parents also like the idea that their children receive a solid foundation in pre-reading and pre-math skills along with fun exposure to other cognitive-skill developmental activities before Kindergarten.

Since we are not a day-care and have only a couple half-days per week with the children, we came up with an idea. Instead of viewing ourselves as a service provider that tries to do a little of everything listed above, let’s PARTNER with the parents.  On the parent’s shift, they can own the TIME INTENSIVE activities, like reading aloud at bedtime, down time for kids to play dress-up and run around in the back yard, or sleep!  Preschool Partners can own other activities that are either preparation intensive (like science experiments and trips to Ancient Egypt to build the pyramids), or activities that require supplies to make learning fun that parents might not have around the house. That way, we are working TOGETHER to offer a package that neither of us could offer alone. That’s why we named the program “Preschool Partners”.

In short, we don’t think of our program as a preschool. We think of it as a program where we partner with the parents so that what we do in the classroom and what you do at home compliment one another. “Parent Time” is optional, but we think its pretty valuable. It lasts for 30 minutes, and is held immediately before or after your child’s class.

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