Pre-K Program and Kindergarten Readiness

PMInside08Our pre-kindergarten program is designed to prepare young people for success in school. We work on foundational learning skills like attending, working memory, auditory and visual processing, and a passion for learning. At Preschool Partners, the children play games with math, letter sounds, and writing, so they’re able to begin kindergarten feeling confident and bright. They also take exciting imaginary trips to historical times and outer space, and play with gears, magnets, and pulleys to expand their experiences with the world and to develop their passion for learning. Fun pre-math and pre-reading activities keep the children so engaged and interested in the material, that they don’t realize they’re learning.

After eleven years, it appears to be working! We’ve had kindergarten teachers tell us that the Preschool Partner children stand out in their classes. Come to a meeting to see if our strategies are right for your child and your family.

Informational Meeting

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